Project Description

Hang Loose painting

This hang loose painting is for the worrier who is looking to chill. I asked my husband for an idea for a hand symbol and he immediately made this gesture. That’s his hand by-the-way. I wasn’t aware of the affinity for this hand symbol to those who live in Hawaii and those that love to surf.  But I do love the sentiment. We could all use a chill pill now and again.

Thoughts included in the painting (fabric mosaic):

“Let it all Hang Loose. Be Cool. Life is Good. Glass is Half-Full. Don’t Worry, Be Happy. It’s All Good. Take a Chill Pill. Don’t Let Life Get You Down. Live life worry free. Let go and you grow.”

Title: Hang Loose
Category: Grey Matter
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Fabric Mosaic, Mixed Media
Size: 30″x60″
Price: $3800 (Call to Purchase)
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