Artist Statement, The Art of Collage and Affirmations

In my artwork I explore the art of collage with thoughts, affirmations and feelings. My series is called “Grey Matter” and each figure/hand includes thoughts on a subject of personal exploration. I pull from my own life but the subject rings true for all individuals looking to live a more positive life, to think positive and discard negative thoughts and attitudes. My wish is to inspire people to live their best life, to embrace gratitude, live a happy life and hopefully change the way they think.

My process has evolved over the last 4 to 5 years to include custom printed fabrics painstakingly positioned to bring my figures to life. The fabric is printed with the thoughts and is applied in a mosaic pattern. I’ve touched on such subjects as I am OK, Hang Loose, Hope, and Unity. These thoughts can be used as affirmations to those wishing to have a mindset shift.

To truly appreciate my artwork you need to see it in-person, up close. It is an interactive experience, the painting speaks to you and you lean in to listen.

Susan Clifton

Art of Collage | Unity Artwork
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