Mixed Media Artwork Created with Fabric Mosaic, Thoughts and a little Inspiration.

Mixed Media Artist Susan Clifton

When you enter the world of contemporary artist Susan Clifton, a Mixed Media Artist with a growing international fan base, you may begin to think differently about your own world. You see, Susan’s art, as stunningly beautiful as it is to the eye, makes you think.

Her latest series, “Grey Matter,” gives a unique brand of wholeness to figurative art by taking us deep into the human condition. For example, in one painting, Susan captures a ballerina’s expression of beauty and grace, yet, the dancer’s internal journey leading to her joy, her humanness with which we all identify, is what makes the dancer whole to us. It’s what makes her completely captivating.

Every work of art in Susan’s “Grey Matter” makes us think about our own lives, about our own thought processes and how we can change them.

Please feel free to wander around the site to learn more about Susan and her work. Aside from getting an eyeful of stimulating bodies of thought, you might run into some animals of color, as well, for yet another delightful change of pace.

As a woman on a mission to help shift our possibly self-sabotaging, unconscious negative outlooks into thoughtful positive statements, Susan is committed to making time for individual and corporate commissions with life-enhancing results in mind.

The Artwork of Susan Clifton featured on Spotlight on the Arts.

Susan Clifton on Spotlight on the Arts
Equality painting by Susan Clifton

Susan discusses her process

Do you know what you’re looking at?
No, that isn’t cut-up newspaper!
Thoughts? Why Painter of thought?

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