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Susan Clifton Explains Her Art Process

When you see my artwork in photographs it isn’t always clear how the work is created. I hear all the time from people how they had no idea my art looked like this in person. I created a YouTube channel in the hopes of bringing my process to the online world so people can understand how I do this and why.


How my artwork can shift your paradigm

My I am OK painting was the first of the hand symbols. The idea came to me and was the beginning of a long three years of more hands. I love the concept. The subject of the art is more obvious to the viewer and stark white background is more attention grabbing. Watch the video to see how this artwork can shift your paradigm.


Susan Clifton featured on Spotlight on the Arts

I was very fortunate to be featured on a local PBS show called Spotlight on the Arts. It was like being on the hot seat for 30 minutes with four arts professionals asking questions about me, my career and my art process. This was recorded in October of 2019 and was on the air in February 2020.

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