3 mixed media collage artists whose work I admire

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Njideka-Akunyili Crosby collage artist

Here are 3 mixed media collage artists I have been following for some time. You might ask, why would I help promote another artist’s work and not just toot my own horn? Well I think it helps you to see where my influences come from. Of course, there are many more artists I admire but in the collage world these are the 3 that first come to mind. I invite you to visit their websites and spend some time studying their work. Enjoy!

Njideka Akunyili Crosby


Njideka-Akunyili Crosby collage artist
Akuniylil Crosby is a Nigerian-born artist that I first saw in a documentary. She creates textured photo collages that are stunning. Crosby uses collage as a media that can help bridge the culture of her native Nigeria with her adopted future in the USA. Her work includes photos, paint, textiles, colored pencils and charcoal. The mixture of these create fabulous texture and I love looking into the details for more of the story. Not surprisingly, her career is on the rise.

John Westmark


John Westmark collage artist
John Westmark is the recipient of a Pollock-Krastner grant, and was selected as a finalist for the Arte Laguna painting price and exhibition in Venice, Italy. He uses store bought paper sewing patterns as an unorthodox material. He work is very graphic in design and and I love his color palette. I first found him on Pinterest and have never forgotten his work.

Derek Gores


derek gores collage artist
Derek Gores is another Florida artist whose work I first saw at an exhibition in Tampa, Florida where I was also exhibiting, called Nude Night. I loved his work and have been following him ever since.  I spoke with him a few years ago to get art business advice and he was very kind and gave me some great advice. Derek recycles magazines and maps to create lush portraits on canvas. Similar to my work, his work is like a puzzle. He rearranges the scrap to form a sort of surrealist image.  The decisions he makes on the type of imagery to use in the collage and the negative space choices make him more successful at this type of collage. I have seen other artists that do this type of work, but he is the master at this.

Mixed Media Collage Artists

If you enjoyed these mixed media collage artists and their work please comment below. I hope your are as inspired by their work as I am.  Please visit my Portfolio and my store to see some of my mixed media collages.

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  1. Moreza Niknejad

    Hi Susan,
    I would like to introduce myself as a mixed media artist,
    I like to hear your thoughts on my work.
    Please check my website:
    and my instagram:


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