How Jane Trahey influenced my life, my business and my creativity

You know me as an artist but I spent most of my adult life in advertising. I moved to New York City within months of leaving art college, and I was fortunate enough to meet someone at a party who needed an assistant. His name was Leonard Favara and he worked at the very prestigious [...]

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Saul Leiter: A photographer that inspires

I recently received an email from Pinterest with pins I might like and noticed that an old friend's photography was among the pins. I knew that in the last ten years his art photography has received critical acclaim. So I googled him and was shocked to learn of his passing in 2013. Saul Leiter was [...]

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How my connection to The Soap Opera All My Children goes further than 30 years of watching

Before moving to South Florida I lived in New York City for 16 years. I was an art director in the advertising business and my mentor was Jane Trahey, the ad maven that paved the way for all women in the ad biz. She first hired me to work at her ad agency, Trahey Advertising. [...]

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