7 ways to support living visual artists

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7 ways to support living visual artists

I’m an artist. It’s a pretty simple job: I create things that other people find interesting or beautiful. But every time I create something new, there’s a part of me that wonders if anyone will notice. When I put together my latest exhibition, it feels like no one is going to show up and look at all the work that went into creating it, let alone buy anything from it! But what if you could help out with some of those concerns? What if you could support artists in ways that weren’t visible but made just as much difference? This article will give you some ideas on how to support living visual artists so they can focus on their craft instead of worrying about finding ways to sell their wares

7 ways to support living visual artistsBuy their work.

If you like the artist’s work, buy it. I know it sounds simple, but this is actually one of the best ways to support an artist. Buying their art supports them financially (and helps them pay rent) and helps increase demand for their work. It also means that they have more opportunity to make new works of art in the future. You can purchase original paintings or prints online or at local galleries—or even pick up a piece or two directly from the artist during an opening reception!

Share their art on social media.

This is the most basic, and often overlooked, way to support a living visual artist. If you see an artist’s work that you like, share it with your friends on your social media accounts. This includes liking and commenting on the post (if there is one), sharing it with others in your network, or even copying the image and posting it on your own account for more visibility. It’s likely that other people will see this shared artwork as well—and may be inspired to do their own research into the artist if they like what they see!

Also consider tagging artists in posts about their work so that they can see how much attention their art is getting from others online. And remember: use hashtags when promoting an artist! Popular tags like #supportartists or #supportart are great places for helping other fans find new artists who might interest them further down the line; so don’t hesitate when using them when sharing someone’s work!

Spread the word about the artist in your community.

You are the community you surround yourself with. By telling your friends about new artists, inviting them to events and shows, and simply talking about their work, you’re helping to spread the word about these creative talents.

Join a mailing list to keep up with the artist’s latest projects and events.

  • Follow their social media. The best way to keep up with what your favorite artists are doing is by following them on social media. You can follow their Twitter, Facebook, TicTok, and Instagram.
  • Join a mailing list. Some artists have mailing lists where they send out updates about new projects, events and more! If you don’t want to miss any announcements from your favorite artists then joining their mailing list is the way to go!

Host one of the artist’s exhibitions at your place of work or home.

Hosting an exhibition is a great way to support an artist and can be a good way for your company or group to get its name out there.

It’s also a great opportunity to bring people together.

Connect the artist with other artists or connections that might be helpful to them.

This is a great way to help an artist network and grow their career. As you’re doing this for your artist friend, think about the kinds of people they might benefit from connecting with. For example, if your artist friend has just started exhibiting and wants feedback on their work, maybe connect them with other artists or industry professionals who could provide that feedback. Or perhaps your artist friend is looking for a gallery owner or curator who might be interested in their work—connecting them with someone like this could make a huge difference in how successful they become as an artist!

Ask what you can do for them.

Asking what you can do to support an artist is a great way to show that you’re interested in helping them grow their career. Sometimes people just need an extra set of hands behind-the-scenes at an event they are hosting, or might need help with research, illustration or something else they aren’t qualified to do themselves.

Asking for help is not only a nice gesture but can be very beneficial for the artist too; it gives them confidence in their ability as a professional and shows that others have faith in their work.


By supporting living artists, you’re helping to make sure that the work we care about is made and seen. You’re also supporting the vitality of our art world, which has been built on generations of support and patronage.


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