How my connection to The Soap Opera All My Children goes further than 30 years of watching

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All My Children Cast

Before moving to South Florida I lived in New York City for 16 years. I was an art director in the advertising business and my mentor was Jane Trahey, the ad maven that paved the way for all women in the ad biz.

She first hired me to work at her ad agency, Trahey Advertising. In the early 80’s we worked together outside the normal agency confines. We each worked at home sending messengers back and forth. Some of our clients were Famolare Shoes, Fashion Fair Cosmetics and Adrian Arpel.

All My Children Cast
All My Children
I had two connections to the soap opera All My Children. At that time I was dating a guy who was friends with Matthew and Katie who played Billie Clyde Tuttle and Estelle. I knew nothing about All My Children. I didn’t have time to watch soaps.

My second connection was through Jane Trahey’s friend Jackie Babbin. She was producing All My Children at the time and occasionally helped us find talent for television commercials. I remember one day going to the set and Jackie giving me a tour and explaining how the sets were always changing and the long hours they all work. It was very interesting. I met some of the actors, unfortunately Matthew and Katie were not there that day. After that visit I decided to tune in and watch the show. Matthew and Katie weren’t in it that day so I watched the next day, and the next day and before I knew it I was hooked. I worked at home so it was easy to fit into my schedule. I continued to watch until it ended on ABC in 2011. I was surprised by how much I missed the show.

A few months ago I discovered the Prospect Park deal was on again. All My Children will be back starting April 29th. Love it. Some of my favorite actors are still missing but I think in time we may see some of them. I know first hand what a family they are to each other. I saw the love they had for one another. I’m happy for them and I’m happy for the fans.

I think this is the just the beginning. Internet programming will be taken more seriously and more shows and networks will form. With devices like Apple TV and the popularity of Hulu, it’s a winner. You have my prediction.


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