How to hang artwork properly

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How to hang artwork properly

When you’re hanging artwork, it’s easy to get hung up on what the final result will look like. But don’t forget to consider how your art hangs. Sometimes placing something just right can make all the difference—and other times, it’s so bad that you want to tear your eyes out (or cry at the very least). I’ll cover a few key things to keep in mind when hanging artwork so that you avoid making any of these common mistakes!

Your artwork placement makes a big difference, but it’s also easy to get wrong.

The right artwork can make a room feel more inviting and comfortable. It’s also a great way to personalize your space and express your taste, so choosing one or two pieces that you love is an investment in the long term.

There are many factors you should consider when choosing art for your home: style, size and color are just a few things to consider when selecting artwork (or any furniture piece). However, there is one basic rule that everyone should follow: hang your art at eye level! To do this properly, determine what height eye level is by measuring 59 inches from the center of the artwork down to the floor so you are at perfect eye level. For over a sofa hand the art about 6 inches above the sofa for a single large piece or for a gallery wall.

How to hang artwork properlyFigure out the right placement.

Placing art is one of the most important aspects of hanging artwork properly. The first step in figuring out where you want to hang your art is deciding how you want it displayed. First, take a look at the size and shape of the room and make sure there’s enough wall space for what you want to hang. If there aren’t any large empty spaces on the walls, don’t worry; try putting some smaller pieces on shelves or tables or building up your collection over time so that eventually all those small spaces will be filled with art.

Another thing to keep in mind when determining proper placement is distance from other art pieces—not just on walls but also above mantels and cabinets as well as below windowsills and frames for mirrors (which should always be hung vertically).

Proper placement depends on many factors: The type of room (traditional vs modern), its purpose (dining room vs bedroom), its size, etc., all play into choosing an optimal spot for each piece of artwork in your home!


How to hang artwork properlyChoose the right picture hangers.

You should always use the right size hooks for your artwork. The hook should be just large enough to support the weight of the work without sagging, but not so large that it disrupts the composition of your piece. If you are using a wire, make sure that it is strong enough to support your art in its current condition and size (assuming you have chosen a frame or mat that will not change).

The type of picture hanger you choose depends on many factors including how heavy your artwork is, how much flexibility you want in terms of positioning, and whether or not surface damage will occur if it moves slightly out of place. You should also consider whether there is any chance that someone will bump into your artwork while it hangs on display; if so then this could cause damage either directly through knocking into them or indirectly by causing them to knock against another object nearby

Don’t ignore your frames.

You can also use frames to create a focal point in your room. The frame should be made of something that complements the artwork, and not just any old thing will do. Consider pairing a bronze or silver frame with a colorful painting, or placing gold leafing on a painting that you want to stand out from the rest of your room. A simple white mat will help highlight an abstract piece of art, while wood molding adds warmth and dimension to any work of art. Be sure to consider the composition when choosing which kind of frame is right for you—and don’t forget about color! Tinted glass may make it easier for viewers to see details in some pieces (such as paintings), but clear glass allows natural light into every corner of your home so that everything looks bright and beautiful throughout the day!

If you’re planning to hang your own artwork, take heart! It’s really not that hard and can be fun as well. Just remember these tips and make sure your art is hung properly, so it looks its best for all to see.



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