My Zelda is the 2 of clubs

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Art in hand the USA Project

Art in hand the USA ProjectA unique deck of playing cards showcasing the wide range of extraordinary artistic talent found throughout the USA.

Art in Hand produced a deck called the United States Project and I was selected to represent Florida.  Along with 53 other artists we produced a deck that celebrates and showcases the collective talents found within our borders. The deck is fully recyclable and Made In The USA!

My interpretation of the Florida Pink Flamingo is the 2 of Clubs.  The title of the painting is Zelda Escapes the Lawn. A mixed media painting on canvas, Zelda is a fabric mosaic with a graceful neck and body forming the number 2. This painting is a combination of abstraction and realism.

The USA Project deck was recently featured in and they photographed the deck with my card on top (see left).  What an honor!  The decks will be for sale in Museum Gifts shops and specialty shops across the country.  But you can purchase your decks from me. I’m selling the cards signed by me on the box and card for $19.99 and unsigned for $13. SOLD OUT


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