Ramping up my YouTube Channel

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My YouTube Channel
I’ve had a YouTube Channel for some time but I haven’t been consistent with my video posts, therefore I haven’t had much success on YouTube. I plan to change that. Each week I will post a new video telling the story behind one of my paintings.  Every one of my Grey Matter paintings has a story to tell.  Many of my followers have never seen my work in person, and I think this will be a good way to virtually see and understand my artwork through video and story telling. This is also perfect during this time since most galleries and art centers are closed and I have no opportunities for in-person exhibitions.

I chose the “I am OK” painting to get the ball rolling because it was the first of the hand symbol paintings. In the video I explain where the idea came from, the challenges of finding bangle bracelets, where I found the affirmations and how it all came together.


Controversy of the White Power Symbol – The OK hand symbol is no long OK?

Little did I know when I created this in 2016 that this once positive hand symbol would be appropriated by white supremacists. It was only my intention to bring a positive message to my audience and inspire those with a less than perfect self-image. For many years I struggled with my self-image, even though on the surface I appeared to be confident. I now enjoy a self-esteem that comes with age, but also comes from doing this type of artwork.  I have benefited greatly from doing the research on each subject, helping me to shift my own mindset. Soooo, before you criticize this symbolism in my painting please look at the words that spawned this artwork and you will shift your thinking.  Let’s not let negative white supremacists appropriate positive symbols in our society.
Please go to my Channel and Subscribe. My next video will be on the Prosper Painting. Live long and Prosper.


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